Dents removal without painting (PDR)

What is PDR technology?

Paintless Dent Removal is a specialized and meticulous process designed to intervene behind the "skin" of a vehicle in order to massage the dented panels making them return to their original shape, without compromising the vehicle's factory paintwork. To perform a proper repair, the PDR process requires an expert technician who uses a variety of special tools and who intervenes with delicacy, precision and above all patience.

The PDR is a fast, economical and non-invasive process for the repair of car bodywork by dents and dings.

Hail damage repair

Avoiding the damage of a hail storm is not possible, but repairing a hail car is quick and easy thanks to Traimasters PDR technique. Thanks to the many years of experience acquired directly on the field and to the specific training of our technicians.

Quality assurance

The dent repair process begins with the assessment of the damage, then the vehicle is entrusted to our specialized repair technicians.
We are leaders in auto body repair in Puglia with PDR technique and we guarantee the assistance of highly specialized technicians, the quality of life-long repairs and the maintenance of the value of the vehicle that we will return to the original factory conditions without alter the finish of the original paint.

termine in inglese
termine in inglese

Advantages of the PDR

Using the Pantiless Dent Removal technique offers a whole range of advantages:

  • It is more economic of normal body repairs because it does not require replacement of panels, sanding, plastering and painting;
  • It is fast because it takes much less time than traditional repairs, allowing the return of the car in significantly shorter times;
  • Guarantees a higher quality than the classic repairs, because dents and stamps are removed without damaging the original paint, providing a more durable result than repainting;
  • It is eco-sustainable, because with the PDR process, no stuccoes or varnishes are used, so no harmful chemicals or polluting materials are dispersed in the environment.

Does your car have unsightly dents?
Thanks to the PDR technique you save time and money and you are 100% satisfied.

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