Professional courses for dent puller technicians in Puglia

Specialization courses for technical dent puller.

At our headquarters in Leverano (LE), in Puglia, we organize specific professional courses for technical dent puller.
The courses are limited to a maximum of 5 participants and during the lessons, theoretical and practical, an expert and qualified technical dent puller illustrates the techniques and methodology of the process Paintless Dent Removal.

PDR technology has been specifically developed for the repair of hail damage and small dents on the car and does not require the use of putty or varnish, in this way it is possible to repair cars in a short time and in an ecological way, maintaining the same original car paint.

Become an expert in the Automotive sector with the Courses for technical dent puller organized by Traimasters!

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Who is the course for?

Traimasters makes available its expertise and experience in the field, organizing courses for PDR technicians in Puglia.

The course for Paintless Dent Removal operators is dedicated to all those who want to approach this new technology, even without experience, acquiring skills on the PDR, in order to work with body shops, dealerships and car manufacturers or start a new business with a secure profitability.

Objectives of the course

The students will acquire all the basic skills for the use of the new PDR technology, applied by professional dent puller, for the restoration of the dented car body while keeping the original paint unaltered.

The participants will learn the practical and theoretical ways to integrate the PDR method in the automotive world, in particular body shops, dealers, rental agencies and insurance companies.

Job opportunities

After completing the course, students who have distinguished themselves for their skills, professionalism and motivation, can be offered customized work contracts to become part of the Traimasters team.

We will provide all the support and assistance necessary for the insertion into the world of work of this new professional figure much in demand by companies in the sector and for the start of an independent business activity.

Looking for a job?
Sign up for the PDR Technical Courses organized by Traimasters and learn a new profession!

Thanks to ours Professional Training Courses for dent puller technician you can become a qualified Automotive Technician and find new and more advantageous opportunities in the world of work. You will be able to immediately access a job of sure profitability in the Bodywork sector and undertake the profession of Technician specialized in the removal of car dents, a professional figure much in demand in the Automotive sector.

The objective of the course for dent puller technician is to provide students with all the technical, practical and managerial skills necessary to undertake the profession of specialized automotive technician, for individuals and companies in the sector. You will acquire all the technical and operational skills to work in full autonomy and we will provide all the support and assistance necessary to enter a new and stimulating entrepreneurial dimension.

Build your future now!

Would you like to become a professional dent puller technician? We have the right solution for your future!

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