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Impeccable service, passion for our work and an approach focused on the scrupulous care of details for the total satisfaction of our customers are the fundamental values of Traimasters and our specialized technicians.We use the latest technology to guarantee a highly professional service in the repair of car dents through the use of the Paintless Dent Removal technique.

We provide all our professionalism and expertise to provide multiple services all dedicated to cars. Thanks to our organization and flexibility we can meet the needs of private drivers, car rental companies, body shops and garages, insurance companies, dealers, car dealerships, logistics centers and all professionals in the sector who require specialized support to meet the demand of interventions and whose customers demand the maximum care for their car in a short time.

Our value added.

We provide a 360° service for individuals and professionals:

  • No waiting
  • Courtesy car
  • Withdrawal of the car to be restored
  • Lifetime warranty on repairs carried out
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Beauty Center Car
  • Training courses for PDR technicians

Dealers and rentals

The dent removal service offered by Traimasters is able to meet the needs of companies with different business and commercial purposes.

Car dealerships, second-hand dealers, rental agencies and fleet owners, can count on a highly specialized team able to identify the most suitable solutions to the different needs of each and restore damage from parking and transport, maintenance of company fleets, restoration of used cars.

Garages and body shops

Traimasters technicians have been collaborating with garages and body shops for years, offering services specifically designed to optimize customer assistance and guarantee the timely repair of hailed cars.

Traimasters technicians are specialized in repairs of the highest quality on new and used vehicles, often victims of hailstorms or damage due to doors, maneuvers and movements, in cases where the paint has not been damaged, guaranteeing a high level of service respecting the times and quality.

Insurance companies

Managing a large number of accidents due to hail, is a serious problem for insurance companies that need to provide full assistance, in a short time, to customers who want to have an estimate of the damage reported by their vehicle.
Traimasters is able to work synergistically with insurance companies and intervene on claims at every stage of the repair process, from the estimate of damage to the restoration of the original bodywork, ensuring significant cost savings and time compared to classic bodywork.

Private motorists

Traimasters can guarantee the perfect repair of cars hit by hail, bringing them back to their original state. Our technicians, highly qualified, are able to repair dents due to hail, small impacts and parking flaps.

The restoration with PDR technology is carried out on the sheet metal parts of the car and is very effective when the dent is small or medium-sized, with intact paint, not cracked and that the car has not undergone previous repairs by grouting.

Beauty Center Car

Traimasters restores the body of cars damaged by hail or stamps of various nature with PDR technology and, if required, we provide to pick up the car to be repaired by providing a courtesy car and returning to destination vehicle once the restoration work is complete.

o give a better look and make your car as new, at our Beauty Center Car we perform washing and polishing with nano-technology products as well as sanitizing treatments for the interior upholstery.

Training courses

Traimasters organizes specialization courses for the training of PDR technician aimed at individuals and companies in the Automotive sector. The courses include theoretical and practical sessions on the use of PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) technology.

The enrollment in the course, which lasts 50 hours, is extended to those who wish to acquire the basics to look at the activity of dent puller technician. Based on the results obtained, the trainees will be referred to companies as employees, collaborators or affiliates, or work independently.

Looking for a dent puller technician for your car?
Contact us, we offer a complete service for the total care of your car.

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