Repair and removal of car body dents in Italy.

Traimasters technicians safely remove dents from hail and small stamps by restoring the car body to the original factory conditions, without affecting the original finish of the paint, through a process called Paintless Dent Removal (PDR).

Specialized workshop

Traimasters is the leader in Italy in the repair of small dents on the bodywork of cars caused by hail or bumps, using Paintless Dent Repair technology.

The professionalism of the Traimasters technicians comes from the many years of experience in the field of the removal of damages from hail and dents of various kinds.

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), also known as Paintless Dent removal, is an innovative and ecological method to remove dents, marks, creases and damage from hail from the car body.
This process of removing dents without painting consists in applying multiple pressure on the dent from the inside of the body only with the help of special metal levers and without the use of other materials.

This alternative system does not affect the original paint and is absolutely ecological. Cars find their original appearance, without any difference in colour, more quickly and at a much lower cost than traditional methods used in bodywork. Most small dents on the car body can be easily removed using the PDR technology.

Thanks to the use of PDR technology we offer a fast, economical and ecological service, which maintains the original characteristics of the vehicle body.

Traimasters is the ideal partner for:

  • car dealers
  • body shops and repair shops
  • car rental agencies
  • insurance companies
  • private motorists

Traimasters is synonymous with quality, precision and attention to detail together with excellent service.

What are the advantages of repair with PDR system?

It reduces costs

Because with PDR technology it is not necessary to purchase new panels, accessories or replacement paint, the car body is restored to its original factory conditions using only metal levers and pullers.

Lifetime warranty

Our certified technicians carry out high quality repairs supported by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and unlimited lifetime warranty on repairs made.

Quick interventions

The PDR is completed through a specialized process that quickly brings your car back to the road, while a traditional repair requires complex steps for paint and longer waiting times for spare parts and accessories.

Increase the value

Applying a new paint to the factory finish of a vehicle significantly reduces its resale value, which is why the PDR is extremely advantageous because it keeps the original finish intact.

Your car was damaged by a hailstorm?

Thanks to the preparation and professionalism of our technicians we offer excellence in hail car repair service dedicated to a wide range of users, private, body shops, insurance, car rentals, car dealers and dealers, providing top quality repairs and service.
With Paintless Dent Removal technology, small dents, parking damage and hail damage can be removed from the car bodywork quickly and at low cost without affecting the original finish of the car.

Dent puller technicians at your service

Traimasters technicians are highly specialized and guarantee a high level of service. Strengthened by the experience gained in the sector, we intervene promptly respecting the established delivery times and the quality of the work performed and, if necessary, we collect the car to be restored at home.

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Experts in car dent repair

Our professionalism and our technical skills allow us to deal promptly with any restoration work on the bodywork of cars damaged by hail, knocks and flaps, also providing ancillary services such as replacement cars, internal and external washing and nano-technology polishing.

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Repairing dents without painting

Traimasters technicians are experts in Paintless Dent Removal, a faster, cheaper and less invasive process for repairing dents on the bodywork which, compared to traditional methods, avoids compromising the original painting of the vehicle, with a guarantee of customer satisfaction 100%.

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Your car is like new!

Traimasters provides services to 360° with professionalism and competence:


Repair hail bruises with PDR technology


Rapid interventions with specialized technicians throughout Italy


Home pickup of the car to be restored


Supply of replacement cars on request

Traimasters caters to private, body shops and dealers, insurance companies, car rentals, owners of car parks.

Course for specialist dent puller

Looking for new job opportunities?

Acquire new professional skills with our dent removal courses!
Learn the best techniques to restore the car body dented by hail, without the use of plaster and paint, keeping the original finish of the car intact, thanks to PDR technology.
We will provide you with the right skills to embark on a new profession and approach the world of work with a highly specialized training. The courses are held exclusively by the staff of Traimasters and are theoretical, but above all practical and no previous experience is required in the field.

Hailed car?

We guarantee you a high quality, economic service, with fast repair times.