Specialist workshop in car dent repair

Why choose Traimasters.

Traimasters is a team of professionals that cultivates the passion for beautiful cars and everything that concerns the world of bodywork, putting itself at the service of customers, even more demanding, with the best innovative technologies.

Our mission.

We provide our customers with a competent, professional and punctual service of car body repair to the original factory conditions to satisfy a concrete need of our customers.

What we do.

Our professionals, experts in PDR technology, intervene to repair dents by working in the workshop or with customers who, aware of the cost and time advantages of PDR technology, require our services.

team traimasters

Who is Traimasters

Traimasters is a team of professionals specializing in the repair of motor vehicles damaged by hail using the technique PDR Paintless Dent Repair.
Our headquarters is in Leverano (LE), but we operate throughout Italy.
Our technicians have all the skills necessary to repair various types of dents ensuring the total satisfaction of the customer both in terms of quality of the work performed, punctuality and service.

100% satisfied customers

The experience and expertise gained over time allow us to offer a wide range of services dedicated to a wide range of customers whether they are private, coach, resellers, dealers, car rentals or insurance companies. In addition to the repair dents we also take care of the pickup of the vehicle at home with possible replacement car, internal and external washing and polishing, for a full and complete service.

We specialize in restoring cars damaged by hail using the Paintless Dent Repair technique.
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